Get In The Box


About "Get In The Box"

Get in the box is a fun and exciting white backless cube that you climb inside. 

It is on a raised platform so not directly level to the floor.

Having no back to the cube enables options of using backdrops virtually or physically.

The concept of the box is to create a pigeon hole effect with people inside. A series of shots are taken to produce a final piece of work that when edited interact with adjoining boxes. There is no limit to the amount of boxes that can be put together, but generally nine is best for printing due to size. 

There are Health and Safety precautions to abide by when in use so listening to instructions from the photographer is essential at all times.

Availability and Booking

"Get in the box" is available at the studio, a Venue, Location, Celebration or Occasion. 

It is a great resource for a combined family shoot, a memory box, a wedding keepsake, a corporate event or even for team building and charity fundraising.

Whoever makes a booking for "Get In The box" will find they have many uses for its purpose, as it is the perfect tool, product or piece of equipment for developing the imagination and will have a vision of producing something unique as an end result with lasting memories of the fun and exciting time they had.

When booking there are certain aspects that need to be discussed, this will be done during your consultation.


1 hour at the studio is £150 with one free ten inch mounted print.

3 hours at a venue for a celebration or occasion is £350 with one free 20 inch mounted print.

Location bookings are priced upon request depending on factors that need to be considered.

A 50% deposit is needed on all bookings. 

The Big News

This years Advent Calendar is now taking bookings for £20


How many adults can the box hold at any one time? 8 is the current record.

Can pets get in the box? Yes

Can the box be used outside in all weathers? Not in bad due to Health and Safety, but most other weather types yes.

Is there an age restriction? No so long as you can get in and out safely on your own or with little assistance. Children must be supervised at all times.

Can the box be themed and have the use of props? Yes but this must be discussed in advance

Is the deposit refundable? No

Is there a payment plan available? Yes and this is fully refundable except for the deposit

Real Testimonials

 Can't recommend Pin & Pose highly enough. Caroline makes posing in the box such fun and the experience greatly added to everybody's enjoyment of my 60th birthday bash. This finished product not only features people at the party in a fresh and original way, it is a work of art. I am thrilled to say it has pride of place in my home and I can't stop looking at it!! Thank you so much Caroline xxx