Price List

Terms and Conditions apply on all Boudoir/Dude-Doir


'Experience' Pin and Pose


This is an 'Experience' of Boudoir.

Before you attend your boudoir photo shoot you will receive a consultation with myself Caroline at the studio, to discuss your needs and requirements, including receiving your paper work and brochure. During this time you will decide on what type of outfit to wear for three different sets.

On the day of your shoot you will have your Make-up and Hair done by members of the team. Followed by your photo-shoot.

Two weeks later you will be invited back to view your images and choose one to be printed free of charge.

All other boudoir photography images will be available to purchase.

The Team


All members of the team have a wide range of skills.

Caroline is the Proprietor, Lead Photographer, Hair Stylist and Barber

Abi is the Lead Hair Stylist, Make up Artist and Lead Assistant

Kim is the Lead Make up Artist, and Hair Stylist

Katie is the 2nd Photographer and Assistant

Brooke is a Model and Body Confidence Consultant.

Louise is a Model and Treasurer.

Maz is the Team Leader and Events Consultant.

Emily is the Team Apprentice.

Leigh-Jade is an Ambassador for Pin and Pose. 



 I had my shoot with Caroline and the team on Saturday. I had a double shoot with my mum which was fantastic and fun. It was a real treat to have my hair and make up done which turned out better than I could have imagined.
I really recommend spending time on your Pinterest board. The hair and make up girls can work directly from it and do their best to replica something you like.
I felt so un-organised walking in but the whole team soon made me feel comfortable. I took way to many changes of clothes but Caroline went through it all matched it all up and organised it. which left me to relax.
Thank you to everyone.

The Full Boudoir/Dude-doir


The full Boudoir

A consultation meeting with myself Caroline, will be held in the comfort of your home or a local tea room on Plymouth's Historic Barbican to discuss your needs and requirements, including receiving your paper work, brochure, setting up your Mood Board via Pinterest, and choosing your free Album worth £200. During this time you will also be informed of all the wonderful sets available to you including the all new BATH BOUDOIR, each one can have a change of outfit.

On the day of your shoot you will be met with a drink of your choice. Make-up and Hair done by members of the team. 

Followed by your photo-shoot which will include breaks and refreshments.

Two weeks later you will be invited back to view your images and choose which ones you'd like printed in your album.

All other images will be available to purchase at a discounted rate.

Wall Art, Albums and Prints


There is no better way than to physically display and showcase your unique experience with a piece of outstanding wall art, an album, or a digital collection on CD or USB than through Pin and Pose.

Your creation is designed, handled and treated as an exceptional piece of fine art photography, a captured moment of your persona.

Pin and Pose offers  superiority with regards to quality and service. All our products are delivered personally. All image types are presented in a high resolution. Bringing to you an impeccable standard, this sets us apart from from our competitors.

Printing packages start from £90 to £630 

Six different types of wall art available starting from £30 to £800

Albums from £10 to £200



Can a boudoir sitting have a theme? Yes I have had a few Boudoirs with themes such as Bridal, Fancy Dress, Fantasy, 50 Shades are to name a few.

Can I bring my own props? Yes I encourage you to bring a 'wild card' item

How long is the shoot? The 'Experience' is about 2 hours long the 'Full Boudoir' is 4 hours long (both are approximate timings).

Is there a payment plan available? Yes there is this can be discussed at your consultation.

Will there be guidance on particular aspects of the shoot? Yes there will be guidance before and during the shoot with regards to body confidence, actions and positioning. 

Can I bring someone with me to my shoot? Yes you may but they must be over 18, and not a spouse or partner.